Craig and Tom interview Adam Sessler at a Call of Duty event.

The Adam Sessler Interview
Upload Date some time around 2007
Hosts Craig, Tom
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig met Adam Sessler at a Call of Duty event. Craig asks him if he is excited about the new Call of Duty Game. Adam states that since he gave it the Game of E3, he most certainly is. Craig asks if Adam would hump the game if he had a copy of it right now. Adam questions if he would have to do it in public. He submits and agrees to it to Craig's excitement. Craig asks about Olivia Munn eating a hot dog on G4. Adam saw it and states that he couldn't do that.

Adam explains that he wasn't at G4 from the start, but he came in when his company came into G4 in about 2003. Adam makes it clear that Olivia certainly is a gamer. One of the highlights for Adam was covering E3. Craig states that it would be more satisfying to hump a copy of CoD.

Craig asks him how fun it was working with GameJew. Adam replies that it was a lot of fun, and GameJew is very hard working, and that it had to be filmed outside, because the set was so large. It had to be filmed at night between 10pm  and 4am. It was the coldest night in LA, and Adam says that he could cut glass with his nipples because of how cold it was!

Tom asks if we can see his nipples, and Adam refuses. Adam asks the kids at home to draw what his nipples look like, and Craig says to email them to him!

Tom asks Adam what his favorite game is. Adam says it is a tough questions, but Ghost 'n Goblins was the first game he played as a kid. He has beaten it. When he was around 11, he kept on trying to beat it, and got all the way to the end, and had to go all the way back to the start. He and his brother both cried.

Tom asks which one of him and Adam has the most chest hair. Adam tries to hide himself, while looking at Tom's hair, and comments that Tom's is fuller and thicker, but wouldn't know if all of the follicles were counted up. Adam asks the g1's who has the most chest hair, and Tom's email address appears on the screen.

Tom asks what Adam's next big thing is. Adam enjoys writing, and he has plans in mind. Adam asks Tom what games he is looking for, and Tom replies with Metroid, and Adam asks if he is concerned about how the game will play. Tom wonders if something else is going to suck. Adam says he is concerned about it, but hasn't played enough to know if it will suck or not.

Tom mentions Halo 3, thinking it may be too similar to Halo 2. Adam disagrees, and says that the way the enemies appear add to the drama. Tom asks if it will be better than the other games. Adam sees no reason why it shouldn't be better than the other games. Craig zooms in onto Adam's chest.

Tom talks about Mario Galaxy, and Adam says that it feels good, and feels better than Sunshine. Craig once again brings up humping a copy of Call of Duty 4. Tom asks what other games Adam is looking forward to. He is looking forward to Bioshock and Ratchet and Clank. He is curious about Uncharted, as it seems to be like Gears of War.

Tom asks which of the systems is best. Adam says that he has all the systems, and all he cares about is the games. He mostly plays games on the 360 to boost his gamer score. Tom doesn't care about his gamer score, but he likes the achievement noise. Tom asks what Adam's gamer score is right now. Adam says that is isn't ridiculous.

Craig does some word association.

Ass - Not mine.

Xbox - Halo

Nintendo - Mario

GameJew - writer of music

Olivia Munn  - talent

Adam Sessler - unfortunate talent

Handsome Tom - chest hair

Stuttering Craig - interesting questions

ScrewAttack - a pretty good site - He changes it to a really good site when Craig questions it.

Craig and Adam hug to end the video.

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