The 3 Million Dollar Ad
Cast Chad, Jared, Bryan, Lauren
Intro Host Lauren
Upload Date September 24th 2011
Clip / Ad Final Fantasy IV

The 3 Million Dollar Ad is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Synopsis Edit

Chad, Jared, Bryan and Lauren are in a advertising meeting for Final Fantasy IV. Chad wants the game to be the best they have ever released, and Chad wants a great advertising campaign. The budget is going to be increased to $3 million, and Jared will be in charge of it. Jared says that he will sell the game to their minds and hearts.

Jared is writing suggestions on paper. He has many pieces of paper scrunched up around his desk. He throws more paper onto the floor. Jared has his idea.

In another meeting, Jared shows the Final Fantasy IV commercial. He is excited to see the bird. Chad, Bryan and Lauren look disappointed. Jared admits that he is fired, and leaves saying that Enix wants to buy them.

Trivia Edit

  • There are three notes that Jared writes that can be read.
Beach -> Non-sequitor? (Minimal Logic)
Audience? -> children
-> idiots -> weirdos?
-> Dumb?
  • A note that Jared pins up on a board says "People like BIRDS".
  • The third note says "METAPHORE".

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