The 2011 Iron-Man winner was crowned in this video.

The 2011 Iron-Man of Gaming Has Been Crowned
Upload Date November 11th 2011
Hosts Chad, Angel, Craig
Series Iron-Man of Gaming


Synopsis Edit

The previous winners have their names flashed on the screen.

2007 - Chris Delp

2008 - Harrison Fluster

2009 - Jamal Nickens

2010 - Ryan Flores

The 2011 winner is now being crowned. Rayman Legends is shown as the mystery game, and Tom the Iron Man approves of this. Chad explains the rules. Whoever finishes the level with the most lumas wins the round. The competitors talk about how they did, and how fun the game was. Everyone really enjoyed the game.

Angel explains how difficult everything is. He pumps up the audience as the Director of Awesome. Everyone enters the room, and Angel is pumped as he holds the belt. Craig commentates through the proceedings.

Craig announces that Mike Lukianoff has won the Iron Man of Gaming for 2011.

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