Craig remembers their old tradition of destroying stuff.

The 2011 4th of July Break Stuff Day
Upload Date July 2011
Hosts Craig, Bryan, Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig remembers their tradition of blowing up Xboxs with Shaqil O'Neil's face on them. They did it again in 2007. They couldn't do it in 2008 because of the Iron Man of Gaming. In 2009 and 2010, SGC happened.

However, now they have a fireban, so they can't use fireworks, so they are going to use a bat! The Mavericks are world champions now however. Bryan takes a guitar hero guitar with a picture of Shaq's face on it, and hits it. More Guitar Hero merch is hit.

Chad has a printer that has been performing poorly, and it has finally broken! Chad has been waiting for this day! He smashes the printer multiple times. Chad has a single firecracker to put into the printer. Craig smashes something yelling "F you Chris Bosh".

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