Team ScrewAttack is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Team ScrewAttack
Cast Bryan, Chad, Nick, Ben, Jose, Corey, Craig, Destin, Jared
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Team Fortress 2

Synopsis Edit

Bryan - The Freelancer - Bryan is wearing a hat and sunglasses, and is drinking a drink. He walks to Ben's desk and gives him a cassette. Ben then hands over cash.

Nick - The Destroyer - Nick runs into a room and scares Chad. Nick wants to play Killer Instinct and turns the game on. Chad warns him that he shouldn't be the one doing so. The game blue screens, Chad says "I hate you" to Nick, and Nick smiles at the camera.

Corey - The Woman - Corey is baking food in the microwave for everyone. Jose tries to take one, but Corey says they aren't for him. She then goes to her desk and starts giving out the food to each of the toys that are there.

Jose - The Lazy - Jose is lying on the ground. He rolls over onto a pillow.

Destin - The Newscaster - Destin finds a news story and has to make a joke about it. "The PS3 sucks."

Craig - The Ninja - Craig pokes his head up repeatedly behind Jose telling him to get to work. Jose turns around only to miss him each time. Craig then ninja chops him.

Ben - The Director - Nick is explaining to Ben what he is editing. Ben is frustrated by Nick making mistakes, and tells him his three rules. 

  1. Never jump cut (despite the fact that they just did).
  2. Don't use star wipes (they do after this scene ends).
  3. Lens flares fix everything.

Chad - The Merch-Man - Chad throws a box, a shirt and a label into the air, and gets his packaging tape, and tapes it all together before it comes back onto the desk fully wrapped up.

The label on the box says: "From Me. To: Your Mother for last night".

Jared - The Professional - Jared is fixing his clothes to look professional. He sees a thread, takes out some scissors that he twirls around his finger, and cuts the thread. Jose asks him if he ever gets laid, to which Jared smiles and replied "Nope."

The video ends with a family photo of the team.

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