Talking ScrewAttack at A-KON 24! is a panel from 2013.

Talking ScrewAttack at A-KON 24!
Upload Date June 6th 2013
Hosts Sam, Nick, Craig, Chad, Ben, Lauren, Bryan
Series Panels


Synopsis Edit

Craig welcomes everyone to the panel, and forgets which A-Kon it is. They will be having SGC in 3 weeks. Nick and Craig ask how many people in the crowd are going. It was Kickstarted by the community. Craig is nervous about SGC getting to around 25,000 people. Nick talks about his Best Ever Movie Games video. They show the video.

The crowd applauds for each crew member to appear in the video, and there is a huge cheer when Chad's answer is Goldeneye. Craig asks Sam to clarify some of his points in the video.

They announced not long ago that they are making The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, and it will be playable at SGC. Craig plays some footage of the game. Craig shows off some screenshots of the power ups. Craig didn't want this game to just be about the nerd, but to make it for people who like old-school platformers. There will be more characters than just James. Each character has their own attributes like Super Mario Bros 2.

Craig tells how Nick died a lot on one level, and Nick claims that he wasn't trying that hard. Nick defends himself by saying that their intern Parker, didn't even beat the first level. Craig thinks that games are too easy these days, and wants something to be a challenge.

They get Drake to move to the camera so people can ask questions. Drake will give everyone a hug! The first person asks about getting autographs from the crew. He has drawn all of the ScrewAttack members in a book, and shows them. Drake zooms in on one of the drawings.

The next person molests Drake!

Will this be the last SGC? No. There will be at least one more. The Iron-Man of Gaming may end this year. There isn't much like SGC apart from Quakecon, and Quakecon is more for PC Gamers.

Nick asks the person if they are all going to be hugged like Drake was.

The next person has a sweet and tender hug!

He talks about Death Battle, and asks about the time restraints of the videos, and if there is something missing from Link v Cloud. Ben says that they try to cover multiple things at once, or don't mention less important items. They never cut anything necessary, some things may be condensed and moved around. They don't remember the writing of any episodes they didn't just write.

The next person asks if the Shit Pickle will show up in the AVGNA? He will.

Drake gets carried away! Every character or reference in Angry Video Game Nerd will be featured in the game.

The next person asks about the cons they go to. They go to a lot of cons around the US. They are trying to expand to their fan base with things like ScrewAttack vs The Internet.

Lauren has some trouble with her mic. Everyone cool who ScrewAttack wants to work with are half a country away in LA. There would be a lot more crossover opportunities if they were in LA. They miss out on some stuff. They get invited to a lot of stuff that they can't go to because they are in Dallas. Craig mentions how everyone can be contacted online, so they don't need to be everywhere.

What is your favorite dog in gaming?

Craig says that Rush would be high. Chad says Duck Hunt dog. Sam says that most people would say Rush. Craig starts googling it. Craig finds the Okami dog, and is mad at himself for not mentioning it. The crowd argues. Craig loves doing top 10's, because you are right, and everyone else is wrong! Craig looks through a top 10. Chad suggests Dog Meat, and Sam agrees.

Everyone is pissed about the Xbox One. After the Xbox One announcement, Chad was writing the script for Hard News, and didn't want to say Xbone. Craig asks people who are excited about the Xbox One. Craig wants to see what Microsoft shows at E3. Chad wonders what the reason is for most people not wanting an Xbox One. Sam wants it to turn on his PS4! Chad tells a story about Sam connecting up his Xbox 360 which just red ringed.

The next person wants to see a Death Battle between Wiz and Boomstick. Chad feels like the crowd are challenging them. Chad and Ben have discussed it, and Chad thinks it is pretty clear who would win. Chad and Ben argue. They have considered it, and it may be the last episode they do. A lot of the weapons that are discussed in the ads of old DB episodes would make it funny if they would bring them back in Wiz v Boomstick so Boomstick would throw babies at Wiz! The microphone stops working for Ben.

The next person and Drake hug for so long, that they need to move to the next person.

What went through your mind when you started ScrewAttack?

ScrewAttack started after Craig finished college. He had two passions. Sport and video games. It was a weird combination. He would love to be a sports broadcaster or video game broadcaster. He didn't want to broadcast in a small town, so he decided to go online, and did a radio show about video games. Then he discovered podcasts, and everyone was doing them!

The whole video thing started with a trip down to Mexico, where Craig and Tom went to Mexico, and dressed as Luchidor and acted like jerks. They were filming each other. It never aired. Nick has unfortunately seen it. Craig wants to show it some time. Chad still has the mask and speedo.

Is there a worse game than E.T.?

Chad says Bill and Ted. Someone suggests Beetlejuice, and Chad doesn't want to talk about it! Bill and Ted is just so bad. Bryan says Rogue Warrior. The AI was bad, it was short with a bad story, and the wrestle who starred in it, rapped the credits! Craig plays the start of the rap. Craig remembers playing Time Lord, and tried to find something good about it. He didn't know what to do on the first level. He tried again recently. There are worse games than E.T.

How did you get involved with Gametrailers?

Craig worked non-stop in the first year of ScrewAttack. The HQ was in his parent's kitchen. Making money off a website is really hard to do. He reached out to tons of websites, and sent an email to GT, who weren't keen on the idea. He did some work with 1UP. GT liked the top 10 they made.

While talking with Gametrailers, Craig had to wait in the PS3 launch line at the same time as the Playboy Mansion meeting with GT. Craig was already committed by the point the opportunity came along. Tom was sent to the Playboy Mansion, while Craig had to wait for the PS3 launch all week.

Soulja Boy is mentioned. Craig doesn't know why Soulja Boy is popular. He doesn't think that Soulja Boy will ever come through with ScrewAttack. After his challenge to the internet, and PRing his way out of it, Craig realizes that Soulja Boy is just a dick. Soulja Boy tried to get professional players to play against ScrewAttack.

What would be advice to getting into the video game industry?

Chad suggests to know somebody. Sam says to live in squaller, and be happy. Lauren suggests to blog as much as you can. Get your name out there as much as you can. They suggest to blog on ScrewAttack. Just write as much as you can, and network. It's not who you know, it's who knows you. Craig says to Just Do It. The writers who succeed are the ones who do it every day. Follow other people's writing, and keep up to date with how the industry changes.

Someone asks about Sean. He has a lot of SGC stuff to get done.

How much did you help with the Predator AVGN video?

Chad asked James if he had played Predator, and James didn't think there was enough there for a video. So Chad sat him down, and listed everything to James. James took notes, and they beat the game together.

Are you excited for E3?

Everyone is excited. Craig is excited to see what Nintendo does. This is Craig's first Playstation and Xbox scene. Nick likes the bright lights. Sam is excited for Fallout 4.

What are you looking for in applications?

No matter what you do, be persistent and annoying. There needs to be an opportunity. The best thing to get a job in the industry is to get in there as a volunteer basis. Chad got a job volunteering for Iron Man of Gaming. Bryan started as Freelancing at ScrewAttack. Most of the ScrewAttack crew started as interns / volunteers. Be the guy that will do anything to help the company. Make them know you.

Nick has played Amazing Spiderman. They automated it way too much. All the web swinging was done for the player. Everyone in this room gets a free pass to SGC providing that they bring a friend. Between now and Monday, they have to send an email the crew.

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