Taken is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Cast Craig, Chad, Drake, Lauren, Bryan, Nick
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date June 23rd 2012
Clip / Ad Taken 2

Synopsis Edit

ScrewAttack have a different way of handling a hostage situation.

Drake is taking the trash out when suddenly someone comes up from behind him and chloroforms him. Craig's phone rings. He answers it, and the kidnapper (Chad) tells him that Drake has been kidnapped, and Craig will need to pay $10,000 for Drake to be freed. Meanwhile, Drake is playing on an NES. Craig hangs up on him! Chad is confused, and calls back. Craig asks everyone else what Drake does. None of them know.

Chad lowers his asking price to $5,000. Drake plays with clamps. Craig hangs up again. Chad calls back asking if Craig even cares about his employee. Chad says that he is asking for a ransom. Craig offers 35 cents and some earbuds. Drake sticks the clamps all over himself. Craig asks Lauren if she wants to chip in, and she mimes "No".

Chad warns Craig that he has to pay within 12 hours, and Craig interrupts Chad by saying that he has another call. Craig receives a call about carpet cleaning. Drake throws a paper plane, and Chad yells at him for it. Craig gives his credit card number to the carpet cleaner. He hangs up on Chad. Chad swears, as Drake plays with tape.

Chad calls back and yells at Craig. Nick interrupts Craig asking what they should have for lunch. They ask Lauren and Bryan if they are happy with pizza. Craig decides that pizza is on him. Craig hangs up again. Chad looks at Drake, who says that the clamps came apart!

Drake is dumped outside of ScrewAttack. Drake waits outside the office until Chad, Bryan, Lauren and Craig return. Drake says hi to Craig, and Craig tells him that he is late for work. They head inside.

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