Takahata101 debates with ScrewAttack about Death Battle.

Random Awesomeness: Takahata101's DEATH BATTLE Debate
Upload Date October 2014
Hosts Takahata101 (Team Fourstar), Nick, Sean, Ben, Craig, Shaun, Chad, Austin, Bryan
Series Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

Takahata101 from Team Fourstar is meeting with ScrewAttack. Takahata has been spending months researching. He turns on a screen to show his presentation on "Why Ben is wrong about everything." Takahata tells the crew that they should take some notes. Nick tells Sean to.

Reason 1: His dumb face. Takahata wants everyone to look at Ben's dumb face. The hat doesn't work!

Reason 2: His dumb car. Takahata couldn't even find a picture of Ben's dumb car, so he put up another picture of his dumb face with the same hat! Ben guesses that reason 3 is his dumb face. Takahata points out that this isn't just about how dumb Ben's face is.

Reason 3: His REALLY dumb face. A picture of Benface is shown.

Nick wonders why Takahata is so mad. It is because Ben is a monster. Craig calls Ben an idiot. Takahata rants. Takahata says that Goku would win in a fight against Superman. Everyone rages except for Ben who remains in his chair.

Chad chokes Nick who is holding a gun. Craig wears a wrestling mask and is hit by a chair from Shaun. Sean smashes an arcade machine crying about Ben's dumb face. Nick shoots Chad.

Ben smiles.

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