Ben and Bryan debate which is better, the Penetrator from Saints Row or the Spreader from Contra.

TMD "Not So Serious" Pilot - The Penetrator vs the Spreader - Decide this show's fate!
Upload Date July 25th 2013
Hosts Sam, Bryan, Ben
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Sam introduces the show. The debate is what is better - the dildo bat from Saints Row the Third or the ball shooting spreader from Contra.

Ben argues that the spreader is the greatest weapon ever made. Bryan argues that nothing strikes fear like a two foot long dildo, something that guns won't do. The spreader fills the entire screen. Ben struggles to describe the range of the spreader. A purple cock can't get past that. Ben argues that the rubber couldn't do much damage. Bryan argues that there is room to get past the spreader allowing for the dildo to get past.

Sam argues that items need multiple tasks. Apart from killing other things apart from aliens, the spreader doesn't need another purpose. Bryan's weapon is good for pain and pleasure, but there are always aliens that need to be killed. Ben argues that the Super C weapon has two spreaders for double the action. Bryan argues that having two bats. Ben doesn't think that this is possible, as the bat is a two-handed weapon.

Sam concludes the debate.

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