ScrewAttack wins big at the arcade.

Upload Date September 2014
Hosts Craig, Shaun, Nick, Ben, John, Sean
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig celebrates after winning big. ScrewAttack had to spend $500 on arcade games at Gameworks. They found "Wheel of Fortune" and united with patrons. You'll never believe what happened next...

Craig is shown carrying an enormous bundle of tickets. A woman is shocked at their winnings. The man at the counter looks pissed as ScrewAttack arrives at the counter. Shaun wants them to go to another person. Craig wonders why the man is so pissed. Everyone cheers and spells tequila.

Sean explains that ScrewAttack was told to check in their tickets or they would call management. Management is now helping out. The total ticket count is 7,693 - just as they were closing. John laughs into the camera. Another roll of tickets is counted, taking them to 19,034! Everyone cheers.

They go shopping. Nick wants nunchucks. Craig asks people who helped come in for prizes. Everyone spells blowpop! Craig wants a snow cone maker but it is too much. Shaun is not having as much fun as John is! Craig lists the things that they won. Gameworks is so pissed!

John loves the sound of Aramaic!

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