Ben and Sean introduce a new debating show.

Upload Date July 2013
Hosts Ben, Sean
Series Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

Ben and Sean introduce the show. The crew will be debating about Nintendo not allowing EVO to show their Super Smash Bros Melee tournament.

Ben argues that everyone loves Nintendo, but Nintendo doesn't know how to connect to their audience, and that they are ignorant of their fans. Nintendo needs to stop their stupidity. Sean argues that this is good from a business perspective.

They want to control their brand image. They don't want someone like EVO broadcasting, as they have no control over what is shown. What they have been doing with YouTube and Nintendo Direct. Ben argues that they are making a negative image for doing this. Sean says they need to hold onto their fanbase by showing what they want to see.

Ben says that nobody is buying the Wii U. Sean argues that streaming is new to them. Other companies have already dealt with this issue, so why does Nintendo stick to its own bubble. Nintendo is trying to forge its own path. Ben can't see a negative side to EVO putting on a stream. Sean argues that the human element makes it difficult to control. Ben argues that Nintendo's way of treating the internet is cowardly. Nintendo didn't do any research whatsoever on why Melee is being streamed.

EVO is the largest convention. Sean would be surprised if Nintendo even knew about the cancer research thing. There is no connection to the fanbase. Ben discusses a fan remake about the Legend of Zelda. After the film was released, the whole thing was shut down. They don't start paying attention to the fans unless the fans yell at Nintendo a lot. It shouldn't have had to come to this to begin with. 

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