THAC0 is an episode of Newsroom.

Upload Date July 31st 2012
Hosts Jared, Lauren
Series Newsroom


Synopsis Edit

Lauren is no longer allowed back to the McDonalds play pen anymore. Jared is excited when he finds that the old school Dungeons and Dragons is being re-released. Jared explains that because of the creator of D&D's birthday just went, they are re-releasing all of the old manuals. Lauren barely understands what Jared is talking about.

Jared is so old school, he has THAC0. Lauren asks if that is what he says to the ladies in the clubs, to which Jared replies that he doesn't talk to the ladies in the clubs. Jared was the founding member (and only member) of his D&D club. Lauren asks what his real life stats are. Jared's strength is much lower than any other stats.

All of Jared's decisions come down to asking his 20 sided die. Lauren asks how he always rolled 1's. Jared reveals that he has a weighted die. D&D got Jared shaped him into what he is today. Lauren states that it made her out of shape!

Lauren realizes why they are both friends. It's because they both like D&D, although Jared's D&D is Dungeons and Dragons, while Lauren's is Dunk 'n Donuts!

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