Survival Man Nick's Guide to Offices is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Survival Man Nick's Guide to Offices
Cast Nick, Drake, someone else (as Thor)
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date August 31st 2011
Clip / Ad The Sims Castaway

Synopsis Edit

Nick does not approve of the game being based on an island, and that the ScrewAttack office is harder to survive in.

Nick is the only one in the office over the weekend. He pokes his head up from behind a box, then aims a gun and shoots a toy horse. He then stands on a chair and looks around. Drake interrupts him as he wants to be in the video. Nick takes the camera off of Drake and tells him to go do the dishes or something.

Nick needs to find food, and he finds dead crickets all over the office. Thor enters and gives him some coffee. Before Nick can get to his point, the camera falls over.

In another part of the office, Nick continues with his survival skills, and a ninja can be seen in the background. Nick needs to find a shelter, and he finds a desk to sit under. Drake comes in and tries to get in the video. Nick pushes him away and tells him to leave.

The video changes to widescreen, and Nick continues talking. Nick has some goosebumps and is slightly cold. A box is creeping into the room behind Nick. Nick needs to go to the thermostat, but sees the box. He angrily takes the camera and goes somewhere else.

Nick concludes his survival video, and Drake gets into the shot and waves at the camera. Nick is angry as Drake now needs to be paid.

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