Chad and Craig fight a giant jester, and take on giant kitty Bowser.

Super Mario 3D World: What a Twist (Part 29) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 22nd 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad makes a silly intro, and Craig wants to make multiple versions of the intro. Craig is still playing as Luigi.

Chad warns Craig not to try to skip the ride to the boss in Bowser-A. They fight the sane jester as before only he is big and golden. Chad gets the hit on the boss as Craig gets the crown after dying. Craig gets the double cherries before Chad can. Chad makes sure he gets the last coin with the boomerang. Chad is too slow. Craig ground pounds onto Chad, preventing him from getting to the flagpole.

They head into world Bowser-B. Craig almost spoils the end of the game. Craig tries to throw himself and Chad as far as possible before the fight begins. Craig uses Luigi's power to get a long jump onto the boss. Craig is annoyed as one of the creatures tricks him and then eats his crown! Chad thinks the game got bugged out, and then takes the crown when it stops eating it. Chad gets the hit, but loses the crown which Craig takes. Chad gets the last hit in, and they grab the coins. Chad doesn't make it to the flagpole. Craig wins the stage because of it.

Chad jokes that he doesn't want people to like their episodes. They get some items in the Toad house. Craig wonders how much it would cost to build a castle like this, and it would take 3 North Korea's to run the power.

In Bowser-Castle, they find the car they beat up earlier. They are missing the first green star, and try to beat up the car some more to try to find it. Chad wants to divecat the long distance. They both sing. The crown is so important to them, and Chad is frustrated that the camera doesn't follow him. Chad takes the crown away from Craig. The camera still follows Craig even when he plummets to his death!

Bowser is shiny! Bowser turns into a cat, and Chad accidentally skips the transformation! Kitty Bowser charges, and Chad is killed and he doesn't know why. Chad barely survives Bowser. They hit Bowser with the POW. Kitty Bowser follows them, and then he eats a cherry for lots of kitty Bowsers!

The camera takes a long time to follow them. They both plummet to their deaths after Kitty Bowser destroys their cloud platforms. Chad finds a TRAP-ese. Craig falls to his death, and they both get stuck on stairs. DAMN!

They try again, and are on their last lives. Chad divecats his way around things. Craig is killed , and blames Chad. Chad gets forced to climb the building, and dies. Craig is angry as they get a game over. They did it in one shot last time.

They accidentally show Rosalina as Craig changes back to Toad. They both are almost propelled off the edge right at the start, and both take damage on fire. Craig keeps on falling to his death. Craig throws Chad off the edge, forcing him to bubble. Craig swears that he didn't try to throw Chad. Chad skips the cutscene again! Chad wants to start the episode over again! Chad becomes frustrated by the camera. Craig runs off the screen to get bonus things as Chad uses the POW block.

Bowser's cat transformation is much cooler than the character's. Craig wonders how the artwork for kitty Bowser was approved. Craig gets killed again by a kitty Bowser as they climb the stairs up the tower. They hit the giant POW blocks. Chad wants to be able to shoot fireballs like one of the Bowser's can. Craig reminds people that they have already done this. Chad realizes that the fairies could break out of the bottle on their own!

The fairies smile annoyingly at the screen. They reach the flagpole. The fairies are now going to reap destruction on their world! They don't know if these fairies are good guys or not. Bowser could have been capturing them to protect everyone.

Craig doesn't want to watch the credits. Chad sings as Craig tries to skip the level. Apparently Plessie could fly this entire time! Chad makes voices for the characters - especially when Captain Toad appears. They jumped out of the pipe in cat poses! They get the ending screen. Chad wins the stage.

The game hinted that it built something. It's not the end! This episode is incredibly long. They find a rocket, which the fairies built. Craig doesn't want to play through the fairy world.

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