Chad and Craig continue playing Super Mario 3D World as cats.

Super Mario 3D World: Touch and Blow (Part 5) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date December 25th 2013
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

They enter World 2-2, which sounds like a terrible place to live. Craig changes to play as Toad. Chad blows on the gamepad to find a frog, which they beat up and take all its money. Craig likes Toad's cute cat outfit. Chad touches the screen to move a wall around. Craig sees a green star, and Chad gets it. They have to climb back up again, and Chad uses his cat ability to bypass it! Chad leaves Craig behind. He blows dandelions around.

Chad jumps across with his cat suit to leave Craig behind. Craig yells hard enough that the microphone gets activated, moving the platforms for him. Craig then tries to leave Chad behind, and moves too far ahead, and dying, leaving Chad in a bubble! They have to restart from the halfway flag.

Craig carries Chad while Chad blows the platform. Craig throws Chad off just before he jumps into a cloud! Chad yells, and manages to hover long enough to not die. They run through the cloud secret, and get the green star.

Chad teaches Craig how to roll. They long jump onto the top of the pole. Chad easily wins the level. Craig feels that Toad is always shafted.

A pipe appears on the hub world. Chad talks in Toad's voice. They enter the pipe, and find an underground Toad's house. Craig wonders why they bothered putting it underground. Chad finds a 1 up in the hub world. They ran around the entire island. They enter world 2-4.

Craig is now Mario, and plays in a fish pond. Chad finds that taking damage with the crown gives the player an extra hit. They decide to ground pound together, and it kills a bunch of enemies. Craig finds a green star with the cat suit. Chad finds a line of hidden coins. They explore the level around the halfway point. They find all 8 red coins, and another line of coins.

Chad blows tiny goombas off the stage! They clear the screen with more group ground pounds. Craig finds a secret pipe. They activate all the musical tiles, and find a green star. Chad has a baseball. The cats climb along the walls and dive kick. While Craig tries to look for the last green star around the flagpole, Chad jumps on top of it, trying to teach Craig a lesson.

Craig manages to catch up, and climbs to the top of the pole instead! Chad cringes as the characters meow at the end of the stage. Chad wins the stage.

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