Craig and Chad begin playing Super Mario 3D World - with kitty suits!

Super Mario 3D World: Toad's Hotbox (Part 1)
Upload Date December 23rd 2013
Hosts Craig, Chad
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad introduces the show and Craig. This game is based around cats, and the pair impersonate Mario meowing on the title screen. Chad plays as Peach, and Craig plays as Mario. Chad likes Peach because she floats. Peach is so proper. They watch the first cutscene.

Clear pipes are usually used for drugs! Chad is confused by the cutscene. Bowser grabbed a bunch of people and shoved them in jars! Peach falls into the pipe - she always screws things up. Why are they bothering going to save them? Chad shows off the 3D overworld.

They enter world 1-1. Craig is playing on the Wiimote, Chad is on the gamepad. Craig gets the first kitty suit, and Chad finds another one. Chad does a cat dive kick! Craig finds a bunch of coins and finds secret coins. Chad is upset that he was put into a bubble for moving too far in front. Chad finds a green star, and Craig wonders if they will go after everything.

Chad shows how adorable floating cat Peach is. Craig dives. They find the second green star. They find a secret and get a stamp. Craig finds a secret at the top of a hill. Craig climbs a tree to get up. Craig gets a giant mushroom. Craig accidentally runs ahead of Chad. Craig finds another secret, and the third green star. They reach the flag, completing the level.

Craig considers himself an expert platform player. Craig gets a crown to wear for getting the most points in the level.

They explore the overworld some more, and head into world 1-2. They find fire flowers. Craig tries to get infinite 1-ups, but pushes the koopa shell away instead. Craig tries to do it again, but fails. Chad is determined to use the shell to remove all the blocks. Craig wonders who will be the first to die, as they share lives.

Back in the day, people would steal lives. They get the first green star, and reach the half way flag. Chad finds a secret room, hoping for drugs! Craig dies in there, and Chad barely gets the green star. The crown is lost! Craig dies on the mini goombas.

Craig finds another secret, and finds a stamp. Coins are satisfying to get.Craig kills a tower of goombas to get the last green star. They complete the level. Tiny Peach is so cute! Chad thinks she looks terrifying!

Chad doesn't care about the stamps. Chad wins the level. They find the Toad house. They always use to call them Mushroom houses. Toad's been smoking something! They choose the small box, which has several powerups in them. They beat up the Toad!

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