Chad and Craig kick soccer balls to destroy Bowser's car.

Super Mario 3D World: The Final Castle (Part 25) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 14th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

They haven't even fought Bowser yet as they enter World Castle-Castle. Chad sounds tired as he has introduced the show for the 25th time. The door closing always scares Chad. Craig loses his crown, and gets it back, and Chad takes damage trying to claim it.

Craig steals a powerup from Chad that he needed. Chad steals Craig's crown, but immediately dies, and Craig takes it back. Chad respawns - and plummets straight into the lava! Craig goes pro, and wall jumps to get the green star.

They kick a soccerball to reveal a switch, and Craig grabs the stamps. Chad complains about the unfair enemy distribution. Chad is killed on a frame, as Craig gets the flagpole. Chad steals Craig's crown, and falls into lava as Craig is killed on a podoboo.

They are on their last life. Chad pretends to throw both of them into the next green star to Craig's horror. They decide to skip it. They only get one boomerang power up, which Craig loses immediately. Craig runs ahead of Chad who begs him to stop running. Chad is killed by a hammer bros, and Craig makes it to the boss fight alone.

The car returns. Craig kicks soccer balls to the car. Chad can just hit them on the gamepad! Bowser taunts Craig to come to him. Chad launches the soccer balls all over the place. Chad wants Bowser's balls! Chad gets angry as the balls don't go where he wants them to go. Craig has to jump over obstacles. They are running out of time.

Chad takes Bowser out with the final ball. Bowser falls into the lava. Chad gets back into the game. All the fairies are at the end this time. Chad gets to the top of the pole just in time. Craig is sure that there is another world. There has to be!

The transition gets pushed back. Chad will be pissed if Bowser gets the fairies back into the bottle. Sure enough, that is exactly what happens! Chad somehow wins the stage, and Craig wonders how that happened! The game freezes for a second, and Chad contemplates how much that would suck.

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