Chad and Craig play in a large open level, find a big tiled Mario, and draw dicks on cakes.

Super Mario 3D World: Sprinkle Dick (Part 15) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 2nd 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play


Synopsis Edit

They jump into World 5-4, a real HD level. Chad finally gets the boomerang suit, while Craig gets the cat suit. Craig finds the first secret green star, and tries to go down one of the pipes. They find themselves in a big open area. The background looks horrible. It's like they are kitties in the wild!

They fall into a secret hole, and Chad grabs the stamp. Craig skips a pipe again, and gets a super star. They get the green coins to get the final green star, and climb up the flagpole. The cat climb ruins the flagpole. Craig easily wins the stage, and they thought it would be closer.

They head to level 5-5. Chad works out how the bob-ombs work, and Craig grabs a green star. Toad is super fast and is a huge advantage. Chad catches a bunny, and the second green star. Craig loses his crown. They both fall off the edge.

They have to catch the bunny again. They throw a bob-omb into a wall, and find a secret to get a stamp. Craig likes the foreground / background levels. Chad accidentally gets sucked into a pipe. There is a bonus level involving a big Mario being created when the characters step on tiles. Chad grabs the green star.

Craig thinks it is cool to hear the old pixelated sound effects. Craig almost falls off the edge and has to wall jump to survive. Chad tries to break through the wall to get to the top of the flagpole, but Craig runs straight to it, so Chad can't finish the level. Because of this, Craig wins the stage. Chad would have won by a few hundred points. Craig is a shitty person!

They jump into a pipe, and find another underground enemy in 5-B. Chad kills the koopa, but Craig gets the star. Chad wins because he had the crown. They find the stamp house.

They jump into world 5-6. When they jump, the platforms flip. Chad can leave sprinkles on the cake level! He draws a sprinkle dick! Chad jumps to his death, losing his crown. This level would be so much easier with one person! Craig gets the first green star.

They lose their extra guys, and somehow they both make it to the flag almost together. Chad steals the double cherries from Craig. In the bonus area, Craig accidentally jumps off the edge. Chad completes the ball puzzle, but Craig steals the green star. Craig accidentally kills Chad by switching the panels before dying himself, forcing them to start again front he flagpole.

They perform the ball puzzle again. It is a Dragonball! They jump across the platforms together, and try to get the green stars, and fail. It would be much easier in a 1 player level. They get the stamp together. Craig jumps to the top of the flagpole, and Chad doesn't float, so he hits the bottom of the pole. Craig easily wins the level.

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