Chad and Craig head into a boss rush where they die many times.

Super Mario 3D World: Spiky Spikes (Part 39) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 29th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad rambles the name of level Flower-11. Craig thinks it is the best description he has ever heard. Chad discovers that he can delay the spikes. Craig falls off, losing his crown. Craig discovers that they are activated by a spotlight!

Chad thinks he can divecat a very long way. He dives the wrong direction! Craig gets the first green star. Chad leaves Craig behind jumping across spikes. Chad carries Craig across spikes. Craig gets the second green star, but falls off. Chad spans the kitty suit for coins, but pushes Craig onto spikes! They get surrounded by spikes in a spotlight. Craig pushes Chad onto the spikes. Craig gets the green star, but dies on spikes, while Chad falls off the edge.

Chad gets the second star again, but Peach refuses to divecat properly, and he dies. Chad throws Craig to the third star, and Craig cheers before he reaches it, and dies on spikes! Craig wonders if this is how people thought when they played AVGNA. Craig is out of the game, and Chad has to jump across spikes. Chad doesn't even want to deal with the spikes on the flagpoles. They didn't game over! Chad wants a slot machine.

The next level is a Bowser face. Flower-12 is a boss rush! Craig changes to Rosalina. There are 5 bosses to fight. The first is the frame. Chad is not happy to see it. Craig hopes it is an easy version! They both hit it once - Craig walks on it! Chad gives the final blow. Onto the second battle with the shuriken girl. Chad wants kitty suits. Chad gets the final blow.

The third fight is the giant snake things with plates. Now there are two! Craig hits one. Craig can just smack them! Chad throws Craig up. They wonder how they never thought of this before! Chad dies, and Craig takes the crown. They defeated them as a team! Chad finds the second star, and wonders if the first star is in a different boss fight.

The fourth battle the other koopa boss. Craig dies early. Chad hits the first two, and Craig gets the final hit. Chad takes his crown back, but Craig tries to steal it. They fifth battle is the Graveller with Bart Simpson arms. Craig dies not realizing that the Gravellers pop back up. Chad kills it, and gets the first green star. Chad loses his crown, but gets it back. The giant jester returns. Chad dies, and Craig gets the hits. They are running out of time. They both die, and both scream!

They have to start from the very beginning! Chad gets the first hit on the frame, Craig gets the second and the third. Craig likes boss rushes in Mario games. Having two people benefits the player in this style of gameplay.

They fight the shuriken girl again. They defeat her again. Chad tries going into a different box to Craig, but is transported into Craig's anyway. The Graveller is defeated again, and Craig gets the star. They both go into a different box at the same time, and Craig has to go to the other box. Up to the snake bosses, and Craig gets set up to fail by the game. Chad throws Craig to defeat them. Chad gets the star.

Craig defeats the other Koopa boss. They are both little going into the jester, and Chad is worried about them both dying. Chad dies early. Craig gets all the cherries, but soon dies. He warns Chad to stay away from the jester, but Chad continues and prevails.

They are on the last hit, and both are small with no lives left! This is intense! They both are killed! They both yell in anger!

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