Chad and Craig play in the snow, before tackling the Shitty Boo Mansion.

Super Mario 3D World: Snowball Fight (Part 7) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date December 27th 2013
Hosts Chad and Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad and Craig head to world 3 to the Ice World. Luigi looks up Peach's dress. They are disappointed that the ice world isn't slippery. Chad blows into the gamepad, and finds a secret coin.

They head into world 3-1, and find that they can blow snow off the trees. Chad ruins a potential secret to kill a snowman. Chad finds a propeller power up. He loses it trying to get a green star. There has to be a secret around here, and now they will never know. Chad finds a leaf power up.

Craig rides in a sled. Peach can float further. They have a snowball fight with goombas, and Chad rides on their sled. Craig triggers the red coins, and Chad struggles to get them. Craig picks up a leaf. Chad loses his sled jumping for a block. They chase a bunny for a green star.

Chad tickles a snowman with the gamepad. Craig gets the stamp as time starts to run out. They struggle to get the last green star, as it is too high up. They don't get it, and run to the flagpole. They only had 25 seconds left! Craig realizes that they needed the spinny hat. Chad continues to win the level.

Craig comments on the icy rail tracks in the hub world. They find a stamp house. They unlock World 3-2. Craig changes to Mario. Chad gets the cat suit. This is a scrolling level, and Craig barely survives from falling off the edge. They get the first green star. Chad dives through some coins. Chad misses seeing a secret, and accidentally advances.

Craig is killed as Chad gets the stamp, before Chad bravely collects the second green star, and falls through a cloud in a short period of time. They needed the cat to get to the top of the flagpole, so Chad tries to jump off a tree instead. He hits the top anyway! Craig is disappointed that he can't do that, and Mario ends up in a bubble! Chad easily wins the level.

Craig wonders if he is even doing anything in the levels. He feels inadequate being beaten by Chad every time.

World 3-3 is next, and Chad thought it was called 'Shitty Boo Mansion'. Chad blows the lights on. Craig is happily surprised as he finds that he can jump through a painting, and they get the green star. Mario gets a door slammed in his face! Boos aren't affected by the super butt stomp, and Craig steals Chad's crown.

Chad finds a secret, but it is only a bunch of coins. Craig comments on the dreary music. Craig sees a secret in the mirror. It is only a 1Up. Craig throws Chad at the boo!

They head down a pipe, which turns out to be a trick! Craig thinks he finds a secret in a pit, but dies. Craig finds that standing on a couch causes it to float away, but Chad accidentally goes through a door. The couch is gone when they return.

Chad throws Craig into a group of Boos. Craig finds a fake flagpole. They reach the real flagpole. Craig doesn't want Chad to finish!

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