Chad and Craig play Mario Kart and impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger, and struggle with travelators.

Super Mario 3D World: Schwarzenegger Kart (Part 9) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date December 28th 2013
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad and Craig arrive at the Mario Kart level after finding a secret 1 Up. They attempt to impersonate Arnold Schwarzeneggar as they start the Mario Kart level. Craig gets way in front before dying, and Chad takes the lead. At the flagpole, Craig over takes and they find a secret, chasing a bunny for a green star. Chad hovers over a ledge that Craig gets killed by. Chad misses a secret, and Craig tries to go back.

They miss an opportunity for a green star, and attempt to go back to have another go. They fail and move on to the flagpole. Craig complains that the fairies should go rescue each other as they can fly! Chad continues to win the levels. Craig isn't a completetionist, but he wants to get all the stars in Mario games.

They head into world 3-7. Craig doesn't know how to go inside a bubble. Craig finds an enemy that does need to be killed. Craig ruined the fun when the crew played this level previously. Craig throws Chad off a travelator. Chad throws Craig off as revenge, but falls off himself as well! Craig tells Chad that he deserves it!

They start the level again. Craig struggles with fighting some bees. The descend underground, and Chad ground pounds, and makes them miss the green star. Craig yells at Chad, but Chad bounces off Craig's head to get the star anyway!

They reach the mid way flagpole. Craig falls off a travelator fighting bees. They see a green star on the other side of a wall. Chad tries to go around the rock to get it, but falls off instead. They try again, and strategize to get the star. They try falling to it, but it kills them! Chad somehow dies falling through a wall. They give up on the star.

They struggle on travelators to avoid the sweeping enemies, and Craig falls off and dies, but Chad recovers. They get the stamp as Craig dies. They make it together to the top of the flagpole. Craig finally wins a stage!

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