Chad and Craig move quickly to beat the level in time, find a new power-up, fail at collecting green coins, and beat 5 levels in one episode.

Super Mario 3D World: Rosalina's Hot (Part 33) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 25th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad and Craig head into the rocket. They thought the game was over, but it just keeps going!

The first star is Mushroom-1. They have 30 seconds! They decide to just go, and Craig loses his crown, which Chad picks up. Chad gets the green coins to get the first green star. They almost run out of time. Chad finds the second green star. Chad wants the third star, but can't find it, so they go to the flagpole. Craig finds Rosalina in a red dress hot.

Mushroom-2 is next, and Chad comments on the name of the level. They have to find the key coins. There is a new power-up that looks the same as the regular kitty costume, but ground pounding generates coins! Craig leaves the secret immediately, as they already have all the stars. They spent a long time last time ground pounding and getting so many coins! They do it again! Craig loses his power-up, but finds another one. Chad almost falls off a cliff. They get to the end of the stage, after Craig loses his suit. Chad climbs up the pole.

They move onto Mushroom-3. This is the last level before they have caught up. Craig wears a light hat, and Chad can't see where he is going and he dies. Craig runs across clouds to get the second green star. Chad lasers the boos. They both get to the end, only to see Captain Toad with all his money at the end of the level, and both yell "Noo!!" as they see him! Craig wins the stage and gains Chad's crown.

They go into Mushroom-4, and it is another speed level. They play a shadow level, and Craig uses a boomerang to get the first star. Craig destroys a goomba tower, and gets the second star. Chad wants to get the last star, but Craig has already moved on. Craig apologizes for not playing as a team, and destroys Chad in the scores.

In World Mushroom-5, they start by hitting a gong. Chad has to use the touchpad. They find baseballs to throw at enemies. Craig finds a secret key coin. Craig has always hated Hammer Bros. Chad is attacked by a hammer bros on goombas. Chad finds a pipe with a star. He thinks he can hold the baseball to destroy the spike ball, but it doesn't work. Craig throws his baseball at the spike ball so Chad can get the star. Chad didn't see spikes on the floor, as Craig shoots a ring for coins. Chad is looking at the gamepad, which makes it difficult to gsee the spikes.

They move to the roof, and try to get green coins. They both ground pound to get the last coin. Craig forgets directions as they try again. They fail a few more times. Craig wants to get rid of the enemies first. They finally succeed. They find the last green star in a secret. They jump to the top of the flying flagpole. Craig hits the lowest point of the flagpole with the helicopter block! Chad wins the stage.

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