Chad and Craig play another Captain Toad level and Craig ends a level alone as they run out of lives.

Super Mario 3D World: One Life in Bowser Land (Part 24) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 13th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

They head to the firey Castle-5. They tickle a thwomp. Craig finds secret coins before dying, and losing his crown. They only have one life left! Craig complains the Peach is unfair. They need to collect key coins to open a lock. Chad gets a double kill.

Chad finds the third green star. They have to go all the way back, and Craig starts an 'Indiana Jones'. Chad saves himself by bubbling. Chad jumps to the top of the flagpole, preventing Craig from getting to the top.

Craig states that he hates the game, only to be adored by the cat suits. A Captain Toad stage appears, which they were just wondering about. Chad uses his Toad voice, and Craig uses his Captain N's Mega Man voice. Craig compliments Chad on his camera rotation, as Chad gets the last star.

Craig doesn't like cats. They head to Castle-7. They mention the ScrewAttack Gaming Cat. Chad tries to find a secret, but finds nothing. Chad dies in the lava, not paying attention to it. They have no lives now. Craig takes one for the team to get the first green star. They get the green coins to get the second green star. Chad leaps and Peach fails to hover. Craig grabs the stamp. Craig knocks a firebal into the lava, only to walk into its fire. Craig jumps to the end of the level alone.

Craig gets to control on the hub world. Peach comes back into the game, and gets 5 1-Ups. They see a lava staircase thing. They prepare to head into the Bowser Castle in the next episode. Cliffhangers suck!

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