Chad and Craig find an underwater level, find out that they needed to collect everything, and play a timed level in a large open area.

Super Mario 3D World: Girls with Guns (Part 37) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 28th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

They jump into Flower-7. Chad thinks they used a random word generator to make the names of the levels. Chad and Craig both get cannon hats and destroy everything they see, including a Bowser sandcastle. Craig also wants to Goomba destroyed.

Craig has to jump on Chad's head to get up to a secret, only to find that there was another block. Craig loses his cannon, but gets it back.

They head underwater. Chad grabs the first green star behind a wall. Craig kills a bunch of bloopers. They weave through spiky blocks, and Craig grabs the second green star. He can twirl and use the cannon as Rosalina. They grab all the green coins to get the final star. They head to the flagpole, but Craig wanted to jump on Chad to see what was up there.

Craig realizes that they will need all the stars, stamps and reach the top of every flagpole to get to the final level.

They head to World Flower-9. This is a timed level. They see an enormous stack of goombas that would be fun to kill. Craig finds some kitty bells. Chad finds one of the green stars, as he kills the stacks. They both get cannons and Chad and Craig fight over killing the goomba stacks. Craig needs to take damage in order to light torches for another star. They run out of time just as they reach the final area.

They try again. Chad starts with the second green star. Craig lights the fires while Chad destroys goombas with his cannon hat. Craig gets the first green star. They find the final green star on the far right of the map. They head to the top of the flagpole with the kitty suits, and watch the sunset.

They are almost done with the game!

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