The game becomes tense as Chad and Craig try desperately to not game over. This is the episode they wish they could forget.

Super Mario 3D World: Game Over (Part 17) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 5th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Craig tries to talk like a drunk Harry Carey, which sounds like a bad Toad impression. They head to the sky world. Craig enjoys the sky levels in any Mario game.

They head into World 6-1, which is full of pipes. They only have two lives, and Craig is killed by a fire piranha plant he didn't see, and Chad runs into a spike ball, and also dies. They have a zeroth life! They try again, and Chad dies again. It is all up to Craig, who goes through a pipe, and an invisible cloud appears, scaring Chad! Craig gets the green star, and loses his power up going the wrong way. He thought the game would automatically go the right way for him!

Craig is determined that they will not game over. Chad tiggles the enemies. Craig gets a 1-Up, and Chad is back. They can't kill the fuzzies. They get the second green star, while being chased by fuzzies. Craig walks off the stage! Craig gets back in. They are scavenging for coins to keep their lives. Chad finds a secret cloud and Craig gets the last green star.

Chad uses fireballs down the slide rather than sliding. Craig hangs out in a bubble while Chad gets all the ? coins. Captain Toad is in a pipe for some reason. Chad gets to the top of the pole, and Craig is accidentally left behind.

They are no longer competing after they realize how hard the game is. Craig still wins the stage. Chad wants to cash in some green stars.

They find a secret pipe, and they prepare to fight a fire bros who moved from the ground to the sky!

Craig desperately collects more coins. Chad appreciates the confidence that Mario characters have by jumping down pipes.

Level 6-2 is next. It is set on a ship that rocks back and forth. They push an enemy off the edge of the ship. They walk to the edge of the ship, and Craig finds some coins on another platform. Craig jumps for them, and misses and dies. Chad does the same thing, and Craig yells at him for doing it, as they get a game over for it! Craig's heart hurts! They only needed 7 coins!

They find a slot machines. They got a 1-Up, and Chad feels sad. Craig claims that he has never needed a Continue in a Mario game.

Chad wants to go back to get the coins, but Craig doesn't want to. They fall off again, and both die! Chad goes back and gets the coins, there was nothing there. Craig tries to run away, killing Chad, and then falls off himself! They bump the enemy off the stage again.

They make it further then they have yet, and bump off two enemies off the stage, and get the first green star. Craig likes the game music. They compete to get the stamp, and both get stuck under water. Craig risks it and gets the stamp. Toad gets a super star, and Chad gets the green star.

Chad leads along narrow platforms to get the final green star. Craig somehow manages to survive and not fall off the edge. They try to push two more enemies off the edge, and both walk off instead! Chad tries to go back to get the green star again, and falls off and dies.

They start again, and Chad dies, and Craig gets the green star. Chad admits that they are doing awful. They chase the enemies around and bump them off. They both fall into a hole again! They suck so bad that they get the white toonoki suit. Chad still falls off the edge, and then Craig falls off again! They get yet another game over!

Chad wants to end the episode, but Craig is determined to do it now. Chad goes back to the casino. They both feel awful. They try the level from hell again. It doesn't take long for Craig to walk off the edge. They get the green star again, as Craig falls off again. Craig is upset as his failure, and thinks that he would do better if he was on his own. Craig long jumps to get the stamp. They discover that touching a team mate gives them the star power. Craig likes the idea, as Chad gets the green star.

Chad runs to get the final green star, and dies, and Craig got left behind. Chad continues playing with style, and leaving Craig behind. Craig explains that they have no style. They ground pound together, which seriously pushes the enemies far away. They reach the flagpole. It is over. They both lost! Chad wins the level. Craig is very disappointed. They both feel bad.

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