Chad and Craig get chased by bullet bills, and worry about getting a game over.

Super Mario 3D World: Five Down (Part 16) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 3rd 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Craig appeciates Chad starting the episode with "Here we go!" as they enter world 5-7. Chad kills a spring, and Craig carries another one. Bullet bills are destroying the levels, which Craig loves - even after he dies. Craig finds a green star, and they have to go back to get it while being chased by bullet bills. They find a spotlight that shoots bullet bills, and Chad accidentally collects the stamp.

Chad tries to use the sprint to reach a high secret. Craig gets up too, but Chad knocks him off. Craig collects the red coins. Craig finds a secret room with a green star in it, as Chad finds a Goomba hat. Chad finds a path that gets them to the last green star, but time is running out. They both reach the top of the flagpole with 40 seconds left. That was a fun level. Chad wins the level, and Craig is disappointed.

They get to gamble some more. Chad and Craig like to gamble. Chad screws it up and apologizes. Craig loves the original Super Mario World, and expects a little more out of this game, but it is a fun game.

They reach the castle for world 5. Craig didn't see the frames falling onto him. Craig likes the Aztec theme of the game. Craig accidentally kills Chad. They fail to get the green stars. Craig likes the frames that are similar to the blocks from Super Mario 64. Craig worries as they only have 4 lives. They struggle to get the green star, which Craig eventually gets as he dies. They both die together, and panic.

They have two lives left and are worried about getting a game over. Chad gets the green star again, and Craig almost falls off the edge. They reach the boss, and Chad is confused as to what it is. Chad attracts the boss to hit it. The level starts to fall apart. Craig gets the last hit.

They both grab money, and head to the flagpole. They get as many coins as they can. That was intense! Craig is loving it! Craig barely wins the stage. A fairy wench uses her wrench. She makes a pipe that goes to the sky!

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