Chad gets a perfect score in the slot machine, battle across a train and kill a giant Plessie.

Super Mario 3D World: Everything is Cats (Part 10) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date December 29th 2013
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Craig points out that he is the reigning champion! They head to the slot machine. Chad gets a perfect score. They get a 8-up! They head to a smoking Toad house. Craig takes the cat suit, but Chad manages to steal it back! Craig wonders what sound a raccoon makes, and hates that Chad starts with What Does the Fox say.

They head to world 3-Train. The first green star was waiting for them right at the start. Craig gets the cannon power up and loses it instantly. Cat bullet bills charge at them, and Craig gets a giant mushroom. Chad is knocked off the stage. Chad is amused at the bullet bills with cat ears! Craig dies looking for secrets. He gets Chad to find the secret on the other side of the train, and Chad falls off. That was a horrible secret!

They start the level again, and Craig gets the cannon power up again, while Chad gets the giant mushroom. Chad gets points for destroying Craig's bullets! Craig finds Captain Toad, who gives them a green star. Chad tries to go into the train mouth again, but it doesn't work, so they head inside.

The koopa inside has a shuriken! Chad notices the real one has a different colored shuriken, and kill her easily, and go on to beat the stage. Craig wants Toad to be able to look up Peach's dress. Chad returns to winning the stage, but Craig got his hopes up. Chad yells at the fairy, as she reveals that she had a hammer this whole time!

They head into the pipe and for the first time did not end an episode here. A Bowsercopter appears.

The jump into World 3-B. There is probably going to be a cat enemy! They both get cat suits. Chad gets left behind and is killed.

A giant Plessie appears and starts attacking! Craig is struggling with the depth perception. Chad misses hitting the enemy on the head. They destroy the boss. Mario hates carnivals and fun! They run to the flagpole. Chad beats Craig again!

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