Craig and Chad continue to beat Super Mario 3D World, killing ostriches and walking through shadows.

Super Mario 3D World: Derpy Desert (Part 4)
Upload Date December 24th 2013
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad and Craig find out what is on the other side of the pipe. Chad misses the pipe! Mario looks up Peach's dress! They arrive in the desert world - which is always the second world in a Mario game. They find a stamp, and Chad tells the fairy that it's friends have been captured - but Craig interrupts by leaving.

They enter world 2-1. Chad finds another creature to compete with Plessie for intelligence - an ostrich that hits its head into the sand. Craig kills it, and finds a star. Chad laughs at their derpiness. Craig finds a secret golden pipe. They both fall to their deaths jumping for coins! Craig is killed by an ostrich. Chad gets all the red coins, and gets past a line of derpy ostriches. They find a fairy that is looking around the level.

Craig falls off a moving platform. They play with the cat suits on a wall, and Chad tries to dive, but falls to his death instead! Craig dive kicks into an ostrich. Chad finds a green star in a block destroyed by an ostrich. Peach always has to follow Mario no matter what. They save Captain Toad, who is being chased by an ostrich, and he rewards them with a green star. Chad and Craig then beat Captain Toad up!

Craig makes it to the flag, leaving Peach behind so she gets left in a bubble, and dies at the end! Chad says that Craig could have waited! Craig wins the stage.

The game annoys them by offering ghost characters. They head into world 2-3. The shadow tells Chad where the green star is. They play as shadows. Craig picks up a piranha plant, which eats other enemies. Craig ends up dying as they get attacked by a large piranha plant.

Craig sees a stamp that they can't get. Chad decides to leave, disappointing Craig. Chad hits a wall of enemies. They find a bonus room, and get a green star. Craig jumps off a ledge with moving platforms. Chad accidentally leaves in a secret area. Captain Toad is scared by a cutout of Bowser, and gives them a green star for saving him!

They reach the end of the level, and both hit the top of the flag. Chad wins the level. Mario apparently has a confetti cannon in his pants.

They unlock a Bowser statue, unlocking world 2-2.

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