Chad and Craig find Goomba hats, battle a bully, and destroy everything while trying to keep up with a raft.

Super Mario 3D World: Continue (Part 18) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 7th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Let's pretend part 17 didn't exist! They open a shrine, and Craig rambles. Let's go to Lego Land!

Chad has to touch things in 6-3. Chad wants to blow out the candles. Craig is having a hard time with the candle. Chad has a boomerang suit. Chad loses his boomerang while trying to help Craig. Craig likes this level. They have Goomba heads! Craig finds the first green star, and kills unsuspecting goombas.

They are on the outside of the building, and have to collect coins. They put on spinny hats, and can skip a lot of stuff. They scale the tower and Chad makes it, and they find the end! They hit the flagpole, skipping parts of the level hoping for a secret. Craig wins the stage.

They battle Prince Bully. They shoot him through a pipe! This is a cool boss fight. Chad wins the stage for knocking him out.

They head into world 6-4. They have no reason to be here, but they have decided to destroy everything! They both get cat suits. Chad makes it to a raft, while Craig falls into the swamp. Chad heads to the low path to find a secret. He gets a cat suit.

Craig almost screws up missing the trapeze, and somehow survives. They dive to the flag. They have to keep up with the raft. They miss out on the green coins. Chad loses his crown, and Craig steals it. Craig sees a secret, and Chad accidentally goes into the warp. Craig hits the top of the pole and easily wins the level.

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