Chad and Craig get stuck jumping over blue lava.

Super Mario 3D World: Black and Boo (Part 34) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 26th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad screws up the intro. Craig is disappointed as Mushroom-6 is on the ship. Chad finds a secret platform, and falls off it, losing his crown. They get the green coins to get the first green star. Chad walks another plank to grab coins, and finds a secret 1Up before falling off and dying. Craig tries to grab the 1Up, but it turns away at the last second, and falls off!

Chad spawns in a hole, as Craig gets a giant mushroom, and kills everything. Chad then gets gigantic, and gets to kill clouds, before falling off again. Chad has to throw Craig into the air to get the third green star. Craig gets killed twice, and they both get giant, and kill the bullies and clouds. Craig dies before the flagpole, and tells Chad to just go. Craig misses the flagpole.

They enter Mushroom-7. Chad is sucking a lot right now. Chad leaps into the blue lava. They both try to get the green star, and both die. Craig jumps on Chad, bumping him into the lava. Chad screams in anger. Craig finally gets the green star. Chad continues dying.

Chad plays with the camera in the binoculars. Eventually, they make it to the half way point. Craig tries to get a 1-Up loop on dry boneses. He fails. Chad falls into the lava again, and they have no lives. Chad puts the controller down and gives up. Craig is killed soon after, and they get a game over.

They are worried about not being able to finish the game, due to their number of green stars. They try Mushroom-7 again. Chad gets the green star, but dies doing it. Craig tries to do a long jump, but ground pounds into the lava instead.

Chad dies instantly on their third attempt. Chad is losing his mind, as he continues to die constantly. Craig gets the first green star. They both fail to jump across the falling platforms and both die. Chad fails a Tailspin, falling into the lava once more. He tries to sing Tailspin, but sings Goof Troop instead! Craig gets the green star. Chad manages to get the second green star, only for them both to screw up and both fall into the lava.

Chad is getting impatient now! His power up falls into fire! Craig is killed by a dry bones, and he gets angry. Chad falls into lava again, and they get another game over!

Craig can't imagine playing this with four players! Chad again dives straight into the lava. Craig gets the first green star. Chad continues to struggling. Chad yells in frustration as he continues to die. Craig tries to skip a part of the level, but falls into the lava.

They start again. Craig dies on the dry bones, and Craig dies after getting the green star. Both of them miss the first platform on their next attempt. Chad screams and speaks gibberish, while Craig laughs. They both continue failing. The camera moves away from Chad, despite him being the only character on the screen. Another game over is shown.

This episode will not end until they finish this level! Craig mentions that it will be obvious which levels they struggle on, due to the length of the episodes. They try a new tactic, jumping a long distance from a higher platform. It doesn't work. Chad continues getting upset as he constantly misses platforms and dies. Craig gets the first green star, and Chad gets the second. Chad slowly jumps across the platforms, and makes it to the flag.

Chad loses two lives. Chad leaps across a round platform by jumping from a hidden block. They both make it, and jump into a pipe, missing the last green star. Chad tries going all the way across, and misses at the very end. Back at the flagpole, Chad misses a platform and dies.They once again move across the round platforms with spikes. Chad screws up the second to last jump. Chad is worried about the episode going for 1000 years! Craig attempts to jump across the platform, and misses. The perspective makes the game difficult. They get another game over.

They jump in again. Craig gets the first green star, and barely makes it to the other side. Chad gets the second. Craig jumps at the right time, to jump as the platform is coming out of the lava. Craig talks about an old Clip of the Week spoofing the Console Wars. Chad makes it to the end, and they celebrate once Chad gets to the flagpole.

They may be less sober next episode. Craig wants to do the rest of the let's play drunk. Chad thanks the fans for their patience!

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