Chad and Craig get chased by goombas, search around a large open level, and struggle with moving platforms and cannons.

Super Mario 3D World: Bitch Squad (Part 32) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 24th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

This is the game that never ends. They reach Star-7. Craig gets hit immediately by a goomba stack. Chad then becomes the one chased by goombas. They both turn giant, and Craig is too fast for Chad. Chad crushes the tiny goombas. Bloopers are really strong in this game, as they take 2 hits.

Craig accidentally takes both giant mushrooms. Chad is upset, and points out that Craig has said that he 'didn't mean to it' a lot. They get to the end of the level, and still have the last green star to find. Craig tries jumping off the ledge behind the flag, but dies. They get to the flagpole. There is an issue when Toad looks more threatening then you.

Craig changes to Rosalina to play Star-8. They had no idea what to do when they started this level before. This level was 20 minutes long the first time they filmed this! They both investigate around the level collecting key coins. They can't find the last one. Chad runs into the distance, and gets behind the blocks because he was tiny.

They ride a raft across the purple goo river, and they have to make sure they stick with the raft. Craig doesn't think, and touches the flag so Chad can't get powered up. Craig loses his crown as they ad into the secret. They can't work out what to do in the secret room. Chad misses a green star and falls to his death. Craig throws a snowball at it. They jump to the top of the flagpole. Craig gets the points from the ghosts to win the stage.

Craig claims that he won every single level they played before the game stopped being recorded. Chad plays the slots, and Craig plays with Chad, making him miss his targets. Craig got a double boomerang, giving them a 1-up. Craig loses his crown as Chad hits him, but he gets it back.

They make it to Star-9. Craig loses his crown on cannons on a travellator. Chad couldn't save it. Chad gets a cannon hat. He loses it shortly after. They miss the stamp as they need the cannon. Chad is knocked off by a dry bones that spawned under him. They both get cannons and shoot everything they can see.

Chad wants to go back for the stamp, but Craig doesn't want to. Craig gets the first green star. Chad shoots Craig with the cannon. Chad feels bad for doing that. Craig gets another cannon anyway. Underwater, Chad finds the second green star. Craig loses his cannon again.

They teetered on insanity as they head to an area with switches and travellators. Craig finds a secret 1-Up. They don't stop at a hole in the rail, and fall off.

They try again. Craig loses his cannon. Craig throws Chad off the edge! Craig has to go back to find more cannons, but there are none there. Chad yells at Craig for letting go of holding Chad to throw him! They both lose their cannons, and have to go back for another. They make it further then last time. Chad saves Craig. Chad tries to jump on the cannon balls to reach the top of the flagpole but fails. Chad has Craigs back better then Craig having Chad's! Craig won somehow.

They find a rocket ship.

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