Chad and Craig play with boomerangs, go ghostbusting, and lose all their lives.

Super Mario 3D World: Best Suits Ever (Part 28) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 21st 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Craig and Chad continue their quest in Super Mario 3D World. They were amazed when they did this last time as they did not die. Craig walks off the edge and dies.

Craig gets a super star, kills some dry bones, and gets the first green star before falling off again. They already have all of the green stars last time. Ground pounding allows them to see the way. Chad likes the boomerang suit a lot.

They go back to a secret to get the second green star again. They dodge bullet bills. Chad jumps off the edge and is lucky not to die. Craig hits the top of the flagpole, and Chad misses the top. Craig wants to do a top 10 Mario power ups.

They are missing a star in Bowser-6. This was a fun level! Craig leaves Chad behind as he takes the light hat. Chad asks Craig why he thought the platform would wait for Chad. They discover that they need Luigi to get it. Craig loses his crown, but gets it back.

Chad quits the level, and they get Luigi back in. Chad wants to commit to Peach this whole time, so Craig has to switch to Luigi. This time, they both have light hats. Craig gets the stamp. Chad accidentally lands on a moving platform. They get all the red stars, but Chad dies twice. Chad tries experimenting for a secret, but dies, and Craig leaves him behind. They both jump off the platform and die.

They miss the secret, so they die and go back to get it. Craig gets into the secret, and they just barely kill all the boos and get the green stars. They walk through doors to find the correct one to progress. It is different then when they did it last time. They almost miss the next moving platform. Luigi is ghostbusting!

They move across a platform with ghosts, and they have trouble killing them all. Craig tries to jump early, and it kills both of them! Craig thought they were closer, and they have to do the secret again. Craig kills the ghosts with his face of light! Craig is really great at singing! Craig gets the last green star, and gets chased by dry bones.

They dive down to the flagpole. Chad hits the top. Craig barely wins the stage.

They jump into Bowser-7. This is not the one to do with 'one more for this episode'. They learned not to jump on the moving blocks. They had so many problems jumping last time. Craig goes around - and sings, while Chad gets the green star.

The game bubbles Chad as Craig dies. The block doesn't like being climbed on! Craig wants the Year of Luigi to end by having a princess. Chad yells at Craig to get the stamp as he has the toonooki suit. He delays it, and they both end up dying.

Now they have no lives. Chad activates the boomerang. He gets the stamp and dies, so Craig has to continue and get an extra life. They don't need the green coins, so they continue on. They have to walk across another platform. Craig falls off early. The rats teach the players how to do it as they rain from the sky.

Chad makes it to the top of the flagpole! Craig is automatically back to 5 lives. Craig's score is pathetic.

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