Chad and Craig battle over the crown as they continue playing Super Mario 3D World.

Super Mario 3D World: Battle for the Crown (Part 12) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date December 30th 2013
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

They enter World 4-4. The game is wacky fun and colorful. Craig finds some Ultimate Ninja Warrior style trampolines. Chad tries to steal Craig's crown. They struggle to jump on the trampoline to get the red coins. As soon as they do, Chad gets the fire flower, and loses it immediately. Chad gets a spring to get the green star. They continue to search for secrets.

Chad bounces off a trampoline off the stage, and Craig carries the spring. Chad bounces up to the second green star. Craig dies trying to perform the stronger ground pound, and dies, and Chad steals the crown. Chad kills the rest of the enemies by throwing the spring. They head into the secret are to get the final green star.

They are happy that the spring stayed outside the secret. They lose the spring on a trampoline. Chad falls off the edge, and Chad gets the stamp. They make it to the end of the level, jumping on enemy springs. Craig gets to the top of the flagpole, and Chad can't because the spring went away! Craig barely wins the stage, because Chad couldn't make it to the top of the flagpole.

In the bonus level, they have to jump or run through levels to get the ten green stars. Craig wants someone to go through and count how many times each of them won a level. They struggle on the fourth, and Craig goes back to get his crown. Chad misses the fifth green star, and Craig gets it! Chad saves Craig from dying in the sixth. Craig barely gets the seventh and they almost ran out of time. Craig loses his crown on the eighth. Craig almost falls to his death again on the tenth. Craig won the level.

They battle a fire bros. They jump on him in the overworld, and wonder if that should have killed him. Craig changes to Luigi. They beat him easily, and get the star. Craig wins the level by a long way.

They find a fairy house with a stamp.

They head into world 4-5. Craig is back playing as Mario. Chad notes that they haven't got power ups in a while, and Craig gets a kitty suit, and finds the stamp! They get the green star by solving a puzzle. Craig loses the crown, and Chad takes it. Craig thinks he sees a secret.

They spin around in circles. Chad dies, and Craig takes the crown back. Chad gets the 8 red coins to get the kitty suit, and loses it shortly afterwards. Craig barely almost falls off the edge trying to kill an enemy, and Chad falls off twice on platforms, allowing Craig to get the green star. Chad dies again on spikes, and Craig gets to the end of the stage, leaving Chad halfway up the flagpole. Craig wins the stage.

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