Super Mario 3D World: Bart Simpson Arms (Part 23) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 12th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Chad and Craig face a Graveller with Bart Simpson arms, and get killed by sharks.

Synopsis Edit

They are going to destroy the Graveller with Bart Simpson arms. There are bomb ones now! Chad kills the guy, and Craig gets the star. Chad has it in the bag.

They battle the Prince Bully. Once again, they push him in the pipe. It likes to try to escape from the pipe. Craig wins by the crown.

Rammerhead Reef is a place Chad does not want to visit. They haven't had a water level in a while. Craig gets killed by the ramming sharks. Craig dies gain, and Chad steals the crown back. Craig finds a green shell in a crate. Chad screams as he barely avoids a shark.

Craig times a jump to get the green star on a shark. He dies trying to get a power up. They explore the area surrounded by sharks. Chad gets killed and loses his crown. Craig wants a 1-Up with a turtles shell.

Craig wants to explore to see if they can find the last green shell. They don't find it, even after killing the last enemy. They are over analyzing everything. They see the last star, but they both die, and have to reset at the checkpoint.

Craig leaves Chad behind. They realize that they need a fire flower, and they both die again. They tickle a blooper, and try to find a fire flower. Craig finds the fire flower, and they decide not to go back. Chad finds the stamp.

Craig takes a hit, which screws Chad over and he doesn't make it to the flag. Craig barely wins because Chad couldn't touch the flagpole.

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