Chad and Craig play a timed level, battle a bunch of Charging Chucks, and turn the game into a competition.

Super Mario 3D World: Backstreet's Back (Part 14) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date January 1st 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play


Synopsis Edit

There is still a long way to go. They head into World 5-3 and sing Backstreet Boys. Chad gets more Peach's, and wastes time as Craig tries to hurry Chad up since this is a timed level. Chad gets the 3 green star, and screws up by dying. Chad finds more cherries so they can do it. They both hit the flagpole.

Chad wins the stage, and Craig wonders whether or not they should try again to get the last star. A lot of stuff gets unlocked on the hub world. They try again, and Craig switches to Toad. They head to the Toad switch and get the stamp. Craig hits the flagpole while Chad is still exploring, but he makes it anyway.

Chad wins anyway.

Chad plays the slot machine, and Craig puts Chad off by humming along with the music. Craig appreciates the balance of the number of lives they have and that they haven't got  a game over yet. Chad wants the boomerang power up, but Craig picks Chad up so he can't. Craig annoys Chad with a shitty catchphrase.

They battle Charging Chucks in 5-A. Craig gets the green star, and wins the stage.

They make it to world 5-2, and agree that this is going to be hard - even the game thinks so. Chad breaks the physics of the game by jumping a long way. Chad swings to get the first green star. Craig can't reach the swing that Chad swings on. They kill a lot of piranha plants and get giant mushrooms. They prevent each other from jumping into a pipe. They failed to collect the green coins for the green star. Both of them jump too far and fall off the edge of the stage!

Craig accidentally gets both giant mushrooms. This time, Craig gets all the green coins to get the green star, and they head back to find a secret. Craig jumps on Captain Toad's head. Craig gets the boomerang power up. Chad wanted it, and tries to leave Craig behind. Chad jumps too far again! They make it to the flagpole. Craig wins the stage by a long way. This has turned into a mini competition!

Chad scares the crab away from the hub stage.

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