Super Balloon Fighter 4 is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Super Balloon Fighter 4
Cast Ben, Bryan, Chad, Craig, Nick, Destin
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad Super Street Fighter IV (thumb wrestling puppets)

Synopsis Edit

This clip is really stupid. ScrewAttack are screwed because GameAttack doesn't have the thumb fighters. Ben is panicking, so he consults Bryan on how to combat the thumb things. Chad walks in with a balloon. Ben loves the idea. Chad lets some of the air out and Bryan starts laughing. Ben takes the balloon off of Chad.

Craig voice overs the commercial, as Chad and Nick fight with their balloons. Nick, with Ryu's balloon uses a hadouken on Chad's Ken. Crimson Vipor has cleavage. Nick 'charges' Blanka by rubbing it on his hair, but it is ineffective, as Vega (held by Craig) pops the Blanka balloon. Gaile has sunglasses and Cody has a Final Fight costume. Jerrius (Jose) amd Kami (Bryan) are having a catfight.

Craig pops Dan's balloon by jumping onto the couch and sitting on it. Craig makes it clear that they were actually giving out the balloons when people pre-ordered the game.

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