Street Fighter is SRS BSNS is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Street Fighter is SRS BSNS
Cast Ben, Lauren, Bryan, Nick, Jared, Sean
Intro Host Sean
Upload Date October 29th 2011
Clip / Ad Someone who takes GHOST Squad very seriously

Synopsis Edit

There is one person at the office that takes Street Fighter much more seriously than everyone else.

Ben beats Bryan at Street Fighter. Lauren is up next. Lauren almost perfects a game, and slaps Ben across the face. He falls to the ground. Lauren wants to play again. Ben loses this time to the basketball move. Lauren then pelts basketballs at Ben.

Ben then loses to choking, and Lauren picks Ben up off the ground to choke him. Lauren boxes Ben, and Ben falls down. Ben begs Lauren not to hurt him anymore, and she punches him in the stomach, and uppercuts him, so he falls to the ground again.

Lauren asks who's next. Jared, Bryan and Sean step back, and Sean pushes Nick forward. Nick gulps.

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