Street Fighter 4 National Championship is a video.

Street Fighter 4 National Championship (Plano, Texas Regional Round)
Upload Date unknown
Hosts Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig is at Plano, Texas for the regional round of the Street Fighter 4 national championship. Craig wants to make the national finals. There will be some bad footage as they can't show footage at the store. Craig won in the first round by a small amount.

Craig talks to some of the competitors. The first person came from Kansas! He drove 5 and a half hours and started at 4 in the morning! He is already out of the tournament. The next person knows a few people at the tournament. He lost in the second round.

Craig talks to some more people who were knocked out. The next person is a Sony fan. The two guys from before hate on the Xbox. Craig prepares for his next round, and loses. The editor wonders why he is zooming in. Craig talks to the dick who beat him! He is actually a g1!

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