Stepping Stones is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Stepping Stones
Cast Nick, Ben, Craig, Destin
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad The Daily DL (Destin's show prior to ScrewAttack)

Synopsis Edit

The Daily DL was Destin's home made show that got him the job at being the host of Hard News. It got everyone else thinking about the shows they did before the professionalism of ScrewAttack.

Nick is shown making Digital Forecast. He stutters and talks slowly. The microphone makes strange noises as he touches it, the lights are way too bright and flicker, and he is drowned out by the Mega Man music. Ben enters and lifts the microphone up to cover up his face. Destin (Nick's mom) enters and yells at Nick to clean his room.

Ben is making the scene in Metal Gear Ben where Ben's evil clone kidnaps him. The green screen hasn't been covered up by the image Ben uses. Ben plays all of the characters, including Octagon and Destin. The camera also zooms in randomly and moves around.

Craig recreates his Solar Fox Quote of the Week, complete with over-exposed lighting.

Cut to Destin, who says that it wasn't that bad. The camera pans to Nick  who mouths that it was.

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