Sony Can't Keep A Secret is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Sony Can't Keep A Secret
Cast Ben, Sean
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date April 28th 2012
Clip / Ad PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Synopsis Edit

1994 - Ben is at a press-conference, and he announces that Sony will be partnering with Nintendo to make a disc based console. He introduces Sean, who reveals that if the plan falls through, they will make their own console to drive Nintendo into the ground! Ben awkwardly laughs, and pretends that Sean is joking.

1999 - Ben announces that Nintendo went with that other company, and despite that, the PlayStation dominated the video game industry. Next month, they will announce some of the details for the PlayStation 2. Sean insists that they can announce details now, as he has them written on his hand. He lists some of the features, and the crowd cheers. Ben tries to stop Sean by saying that they can't confirm anything, only for Sean to announce the price.

2004 - Ben announces the exclusivity of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas to the PS2. Sean reveals another feature, and Ben begins drinking.

2009 - Ben is still drinking, as Sean gets off the phone from Destin. Sean announces that Uncharted 2 will have multiplayer. Destin isn't happy that Sean just revealed it, so he offers Destin a review code. Ben stops drinking and tells Sean that Destin is not getting a review code. Ben falls over.

2011 - Ben apologizes for the PlayStation Network having to be shut down when Sean interrupts him, saying that they were hacked and the credit card information was stolen. Ben punches him.

Still 2011 - Ben announces that after the PlayStation Network has been put back online, they are going to announce the new handheld. Sean walks in playing on a Vita, and wearing a Vita shirt and flashing glasses. Ben decides to simply reveal all the games that will be released in the next year. He mentions that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a Smash Bros rip off, and throws his notes away. Sean is proud of him, and puts his glasses onto him. Sean puts on a Mario hat, and goes down a pipe for the Wii U.

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