Somebody Dies is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Somebody Dies
Cast Ben, Jose, Nick (as Tommy), Chad, Byron, Ryan
Intro Host Ben (interrupted by Jose)
Upload Date some time in 2010, likely in May or June because of SGC
Clip / Ad National Lumber - security system

Synopsis Edit

Ben is caught playing with a toy before introducing the clip.  Ben is confused by the weird commercial, and Jose interrupts Ben to tell him that Tommy is dying. Ben is angry that Jose interrupts him and says that someone had better be dying.

Tommy has Toucan bird flu. Tommy says that while he's dying, $10 can be saved from preregistering for SGC. Jose gets out a gun to put down Tommy, but Tommy gets up and recovers. Jose still wants to shoot someone, and tries to shoot Byron, who turns the gun to Ryan, who is then shot.

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