Soft Shell is an episode of Newsroom.

Soft Shell
Upload Date September 18th 2012
Hosts Jared, Lauren
Series Newsroom


Synopsis Edit

Lauren talks about how he dad bought her a full curtain set. Jared's dad bought him a football, as well as a nerf one to not hurt his tiny hands. Lauren finds Nintendo's press conference. Lauren thought it was terrible, but Jared thought it was fantastic. Everything Nintendo said was what Jared wanted to hear, but to Lauren, it made the Wii U sound worse.

The Wii U price is good for its value, but is $150 more than a normal Nintendo console launch. Lauren wants to know how many tacos she could buy for that price. Jared knows that it is 217. Lauren knows that it is 72 breakfasts, lunches and dinners. 54 days with a fourth meal. And the nights she is drunk is 16 days worth of meals!

Jared claims that the launch window games (like Monster Hunter) are worth it. However, Monster Hunter is the only game he can name. Jared asks Lauren if she would buy it if it came with tacos. She reluctantly says yes.

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