Social is an episode of Newsroom.

Upload Date September 25th 2012
Hosts Jared, Lauren, Drake
Series Newsroom


Synopsis Edit

Whenever Lauren is talking on the phone to her mom, she is always asked when will she settle down. Jared says that they sound alike. Lauren asks if Jared saw all the games at Tokyo Game Show. Jared replies that there was Monster Hunter and basically nothing else.

Over 70% of the games were mobile games. Mobile games aren't going anywhere, which is why Jared doesn't upgrade his phone. Lauren has never seen Jared's phone. Jared barely uses it. Lauren is shocked at how old it is. Apparently, it is old enough to get some 'mad hipster bitches.'

His phone barely works, and nobody calls him. Jared says his phone has plenty of games. Lauren asks him what games he has. Jared's first game is Fetch. he throws the phone and points at it while staring at Lauren. After she doesn't get it, he gets it himself. He hides the phone under the desk, and gets Lauren to guess where it is. When she says it is under the desk, Jared says she is wrong anyway.

Jared balances the phone on his elbow, and calls it 'CellBone'. Lauren feels like she is dealing with an adult version of an imaginary friend. Jared shows a game they'll both like. Jared calls Drake in, and he throws the phone at Drake's head. Drake falls to the ground, and they both put their arms up and say "Ohhhh!"

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