Slapman needs a Job is a Clip of the Week from 2013, and is the sequel to Chad Has a Better Idea.

Slapman needs a Job
Cast Nick (as Slapman), Parker, Bryan, Lauren, Chad (flashback), Craig (flashback)
Intro Host none
Upload Date April 6th 2013
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

Eighteen months ago, the original Slapman clip was shown. Unfortunately, SLAP has stopped production, and Slapman announces the end of the company.

Slapman is sitting at the side of the road with his green shirt with the Slap logo on it, his weird hair, sunglasses, and a cape. He rips off the logo and scrunches it up.

Slapman is at a computer and smarts smashing at the keyboard. He somehow types perfectly "I would like to inquire as to the whereabouts of various job opportunities in my area."

Slapman carries Craig's Disney poster. He puts a nail up to the wall and decides to use his slapping hand to slap the nail in. The nail goes into his hand. Slapman yells, and is fired.

Slapman is holding a crossing guard sign. Parker comes by and crosses the street. Slapman points at the sign multiple times, but Parker simply walks past him. Slapman walks up to Parker, taps him on the shoulder, and slaps Parker with the stop sign. Slapman is fired.

Slapman becomes a surgeon, and Bryan hands Slapman pliers. Slapman puts the pliers down, and slaps the patient instead. Bryan tries to restrain him, and the patient dies. Slapman is fired. The camera zooms in on the arcade stick from hell.

Slapman slaps at his computer, when Lauren walks in and places paper on his desk. She walks off, but Slapman slaps her butt. Lauren is offended, and Slapman is fired.

Slapman gets a call from the boss. He slaps the phone and picks it up. The voice says that he is needed. He puts on his glasses and cape, and wears a sign that says "Chris Brown Assistant". He sprints into action.

Slapman comes out of the toilet. Lauren is waiting for him. He turns around, and is slapped by her.

Trivia Edit

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