Sing is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Cast Craig, Nick, Sean, Ben, Lauren, Bryan
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date June 16th 2012
Clip / Ad Sing (Nick and Craig Play Sing)

Synopsis Edit

Nick and Craig checked out a game called Sing at E3. This was embarrassing for Nick. They might as well try to appeal to other genres of music. They have put together a commercial to show off all the genres Sing could possibly need.

Nick narrates the commercial.

Soft Rock - Bryan sings Drift Away to Craig. They look at each each other lovingly. Nick, Ben, Sean and Lauren dance in the background.

Texas Blues - Sean sings Achy Breaky Heart. The others dance with the same actions in unison.

Screamo - Lauren screams barely audible words into the microphone and shakes her hair. Sean, Craig, Bryan and Nick push each other around behind her. Ben crashes in and yells, and is pushed away by Nick.

Opera - Bryan and Lauren sing opera together as the others move back and forth with their arms on each other's shoulders.

Dubstep - As the others rock out, Nick attempts to sing dubstep noises.

J-Pop - Sean is not amused and refuses to sing, while Craig, Nick and Bryan hold up peace signs with their fingers, and all five of them dance.

Ambient Music - Ben holds the tablet and holds the microphone. Everyone stares into the distance.

Funeral Doom - Ben makes groaning noises, while everyone has their heads down. Nick holds his hand in the air, and Craig covers his face with his hat.

Gangster Rap - Lauren swears a lot. Everyone begins dancing, but then stop and stare at her as she swears.

Volksmusik - Craig makes yodeling noises, while everyone else claps behind him.

Shabad - Craig makes noises with his mouth, while everyone else waves their arms around.

Trivia Edit

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