Sidescrollers is a panel show currently hosted by Craig Skistimas, Chad James and Sam Mitchell. The show began as a podcast show between Craig Skistimas and Tom Hanley in 2006 as a podcast. Many ScrewAttack members have hosted it since. In 2008, it changed from being a podcast show into a video show, and in 2014 evolved again into a live show.

Current Segments Edit

The Big Stuff - A breakdown of the current weekly events.

Middle Segment - The hosts come up with a topic to discuss about.

News Desk - One host (currently Sam) finds some funny events that have been happening around the world.

Twitter Time - g1's send in questions or photoshops to be answered or shown. Replaces the Forum Questions.

Art Challenge - The hosts come up with a challenge that the g1's do to be shown the next week. Replaces the Birthday challenge.

Former Segments Edit

Forum Questions - g1's ask questions on the forums for the hosts to answer.

Birthdays - The hosts issue a challenge to the g1's who are celebrating their birthday that week. The g1's then send in a photo of themselves doing said challenge.

Former Hosts Edit

This section requires research and may not be 100% correct. Please fix this if you have more correct details, such as dates and full teams.

When the show began in 2006, Craig and Tom were the hosts.

Once Tom left, Jose, Corey and Destin joined Craig.

When the show became video form in 2008, the hosts were Jared, Chad and Craig.

Once Jared left, other ScrewAttack members cycled until it was decided for Sam to be a full time Sidescrollers host with Chad and Craig.

List of Episodes Edit

List of Sidescrollers episodes

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