Shauntern's Goodbye is a Clip of the Week from 2012. This was Shaun's goodbye video, until he was officially hired some time later.

Shauntern's Goodbye
Cast Shaun, Craig, Bryan, Sean, Ben, Sam, Chad
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date June 30th 2012
Clip / Ad Harry and the Hendersons

Synopsis Edit

ScrewAttack had to let go of one of their interns Shauntern after his internship finished.

Shaun is acting like a neanderthal, as Craig calls him. Craig states that he never got to thank him, and that he meant a lot to ScrewAttack. A shot of Sean, Bryan and Ben is shown, with Ben standing on his knees, and Bryan is holding his Kirby plush. A shot of Sam and Chad is shown.

Craig tells Shaun to take care of himself, and Shaun says OK, as if he is learning how to talk. Sam is surprised that interns can talk, and Chad laughs.

Craig heads over to the others, and Shaun walks awkwardly into the woods. Several other Shauntern's appear and walk around as well. The crew are surprised. Sam says that he will wait for the next intern, and he and Chad laugh. Ben waves to Shaun as he leaves.

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