Sega Fanboys is a Clip of the Week from 2008.

Sega Fanboys
Cast Chad, Craig, Jose
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date 14th November 2008
Clip / Ad Sega Genesis

Synopsis Edit

This clip is a parody of the original Sega Genesis ad, but set as the Sega fans of today rather than the past.

Craig asks how the Genesis is not better than the Super Nintendo and call them pussies. Chad says it is better than crack. Craig says it has a lot of games. Jose wants to teabag Mario's face. Chad points out that they are only showing one game in the clip. Craig has to beat the level and pwn the noobs. Chad says it's better than sex. Jose has never had sex - with a woman.

Chad says it is better than crack and sex combined - crax. Craig says that it is all about the graphics. Chad starts kissing the Genesis. Craig says that if you don't have a Genesis, you are retarded.