Sega Channel interviews ScrewAttack about their history with Sega.

Random Awesomeness: Sega Channel Visits ScrewAttack
Upload Date March 2015
Hosts Craig, Shaun, Sean, John, Sam, Bryan, Chad, Nick, Gerardo, Austin, Parker
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

On February 9th, 2015 Sega Channel visited the ScrewAttack office talk Sega. Craig welcomes Sega Channel by bursting through the door. Craig explains what makes ScrewAttack the way it is, as shots of the crew are shown.

Their bond is their love for video games. Craig was a Nintendo boy, but he admired Sega from a far. Austin's childhood starts with the Sega opening at the start of their games. Nick didn't have it as a kid, and when he could it was special. He lists the games he could play. Shaun loved The Lion King. John always played Sonic 1 or 2 a lot.

Austin was confused when returning to playing Mario after playing Sonic. Mario felt boring compared to Sonic. Craig mostly remembered Golden Axe and Ultra Beasts, the games from arcade that Nintendo could not do. Nick compares the Super Nintendo. Nick talks about the Video Game Vault. He talks about Gunstar Heroes, that blew his mind.

Shaun thinks about NHL 94 when he thinks of the Genesis. Sean could play Sonic Adventure forever. It never gets old. Craig's favorite Genesis game is Strider. Sean likes X-Men 2. Austin discusses Toe Jam & Earl. It got him playing the bass guitar. Nick explains that Sega is more then just Sonic. Games wouldn't be where they are today if it wasn't for Sega.

Shaun compares Sega to eating food with your wife or girlfriend, and wanting their meal, except he prefered his meal because it is the best. Nick and Craig play Street Fighter.

Nick describes ScrewAttack as the punk rock personalities of video games. They take inspiration from Sega's 90's marketing. John says that Nintendo were family friendly, but Sega did what it wanted. Craig says that there are videos ScrewAttack has that you wouldn't find elsewhere.

Nick explains that they all grew up during this time, so it meant a lot to them.

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