Sean's Imposter is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Sean's Imposter
Cast Sean, Ben, Jared, Craig, Lauren, Andrej (voice)
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date December 9th 2011
Clip / Ad Batman: Arkham City

Synopsis Edit

Nick hates the fact that the Joker owns a carnival. Suddenly, Sean bursts into the room. Sean ignores him and goes to his desk and packs up.

Ben, Jared, Lauren and Craig enter and Ben asks him what's going on. Sean reveals that his wife has been kidnapped, and reveals that he no longer has his mustache or beard. Everyone is disgusted by his lack of facial hair. Nobody believes that this is Sean. He cuts out a paper beard and puts it on his face. Craig thinks he looks 12 and picks his nose.

Sean tries to prove himself by saying that Ben's middle name is Richard, however, Ben's middle name isn't Richard. He then tries to log into his ScrewAttack account, but it doesn't get accepted. Turns out, Craig reset the password. Sean asks for his new password, and Craig asks why he would give him Sean's password.

Sean then calls Andrej to confirm his identity. Andrej doesn't believe him because he doesn't have a beard.

Sean decides that he'll just save his wife himself. He drops a note on his way out, and Ben reads it. His wife has been kidnapped and the kidnapper has escaped to Europe and wants $50 worth of mustache wax. Craig wants to check out if Sean is alright, and Jared says that Sean owes him a lunch.

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